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It is rather simple. A tape measure and some attention is all you need. Every product page in our eshop provides an accurate sizechart with measurements of chest, waist, Hips, and Height, for every particular piece in all of our 10 sizes. Carefully loop the tape measure around your chest, waist, and hips, note your measurements, and compare them with each size according to the sizechart.

Never order larger sizes than the appropriate as your observations suggest.
In many cases customers tend to make this mistake to avoid ordering a smaller size. The measurements displayed  in the sizechart however are precise, so doing as such will probably lead to a misguided order. Some people on the other hand prefer their clothes to fit them loosely.
In any case know that all our fabrics have 5-10% elasticity, which makes it more important for us to have your very specific measurements.

If despite that you notice that none of our 10 given sizes satisfyingly fits you, for example having size 4 chest and size 6 hips, contact us to give us your measurements or note them in the comment section of the checkout form, and we will make sure to adapt the pattern to your needs. We are the manufacturers of all the products shown in our website so we have the means to modify the product according to your body shape, so we can assure the best possible fit for all our customers. However for financial reasons this process costs an extra of 10€.

  • When it comes "Alpha" shaped and "Evaze Line" clothing, the most important measurement is that of the chest. In fact in this cases we suggest you fit the tape measure tightly around you, so we can cover the fabrics elasticity and make sure it holds your chest reliably. The alpha shape covers the rest of the body in almost every situation.
  • Sizecharts with the “Classic Blouse” indication however are much more restrictive as all 3 measurements are extremely important. If no given size is accurately corresponding to your body measurements, prefer to choose the immediately larger, keeping in mind that the hips need to not be constricted, and for the chest, not too large.

If there still isn’t any such choice, now is the time to trust our experience.

Lastly, if interested in skirts trousers etc. pay attention mostly to your hips' measurement as most of them are fitted and cover a rather wide variety of waists.

Again we remind you that all the sizecharts are reliable and the measurements correspond to the true size of the product. We manufacture up to 10 sizes, the larger one being XXXXXXXXL with a hip measurement of 1,80 m.

We are the only company which provides all products in all 10 sizes at any quantity.

Most commonly seen sizes in the Greek market are sizes 1-2-3, with very few manufacturers who produce sizes up to 6. But when it comes to 7-8-9-10, we are the sole manufacturers. The main reason that the price range varies in 3 groups, each one being 1-3, 4-6 and 7-10, is because the fabric needed to make such clothing drastically increases, thus adding to the overall cost of the product and leading to a retail price increase.

You could probably say that it actually feels as if we were 3 different companies.

One which provides normal sizes 1-2-3 (M-L-XL)

The second one with a range of 4-5-6 (XXL-XXXL-XXXXL)

And the last one which produces the largest clothing in Greece with sizes 7-8-9-10 (XXXXXL-XXXXXXL-XXXXXXXL-XXXXXXXXL).

All deliveries are handled by ELTA Courier (Hellenic Post Office).

Read more here.

In case there was a mistake in the size of an item, we can replace it with the correct one, at no extra charge to you.

This option is only available for addresses inside Greece.

You will need to call us at 2107561801 so we can supply you with a courier code and instructions on how to return the item, and afterwards we will send the new item for free.

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